The highest precision for the most demanding industrial monitoring and measurement applications.

The MS AX/NET AX automated 3D stations are the clear choice for the most demanding applications. Whether providing constant, high-accuracy structural, displacement or deformation monitoring, or providing control for critical industrial alignment and placement, the MS & NET series bring performance and peace-of-mind.

With measurement accuracy to within 0.5 arc seconds, auto-pointing accuracy to within 1 arc second, and 60 degree per second rotation speed the MS AX/NET AX series delivers performance your can rely upon. Advanced operating features such as automatic prescan and rapid 2D monitoring set it apart as the instrument for the most demanding industrial applications.

Key MS AX/NET AX features include:

  • Auto-pointing accuracy to 1 arc second
  • Measurement accuracy to within 0.5 arc seconds (MS0.5AX/NET05AX).
  • 400m reflectorless range (MS1AX/NET1AX).
  • 60 degree per second rotation speed–ideal for large-scale monitoring.
  • Enlarged LCD touch-screen display
  • Reflector Prescan* for monitoring setup
  • Rapid 2D Monitoring.*

* Reflector Prescan and Rapid 2D Monitoring are available when operating the MS/NET via command operation from an external PC or other devices

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